Business Intelligence

The CornerStar system provides a glue between the (elements of the) organization. It will assist with continuing acquisitions and integration of new business units with disparate ERP systems.

Lennart Hjord, Vice President & General Manager, Operations, Thompson

With CornerStar Data Marts, our decision makers have the details they need in easy-to-use, real-time reports they can access themselves. Within three clicks of a CornerStar report, I can find the information that was previously buried. You
don't have to be a techie to get at this business intelligence.

Marian DeVoe, Chief Operating Officer, Chardon Rubber

The increased accessibility of intelligent information on our expenses enabled Chardon plant managers to tackle opportunities before they turned into issues.

John Noga, Controller, Chardon Rubber

Since CornerStar was implemented, the way users think about their data has been transformed. They no longer have to scan through pages of reports and their attention is focused immediately on problem areas.

John Weber, Treasurer, Chardon Rubber