CornerStar's partner program for Progress AP Application Partners

Instantly enhance your Progress application...

...and your bottom line

  • Sell users a bolt-on modern reporting platform they'll love you for
  • Generate new revenue from existing customers and bigger tickets from new sales
Join CornerStar's Partner Program for Progress Application Partners

Keeping your application competitive and the users happy can consume all your available time... and then some. When someone asks for better screens and fancier reports, they just don't understand how much effort that takes. Now you can make existing customers happier and win more new customers without years of new development.

CornerStar's Aurora reporting platform uses the native Progress and OpenEdge queries as input to an advanced, dynamic reporting front end. The result is you get an instant bolt-on that makes generating reports easier, satisfying custom report requests a breeze, and gives your salesperson lots of new features to sell!

Some of the attractive Aurora features:

  • Use existing, native Progress queries
  • Dynamic reports - re-sort, edit columns, group, and pivot - at the client
  • No client software needed

We have built a partner program that lets Progress Application Partners decide how they want to deliver these new features to customers. You can white label Aurora so users get new capabilities bundled into your software... or you can resell Aurora as an add-on and get straight to additional revenue from add-on sales.

It's more than just a modern new features for your customers; Aurora is also a great tool for your programming and support staff.

  • Programmers create a new data source once and then your support staff can create an unlimited number of reports and variations easily, quickly and with little training.
  • Move custom report writing from overworked programmers to your support team.

Increase your margin on custom reports or give yourself a strong differentiator against the competition with nearly-free tailored reports.

There are many ways to capitalize on the work we've put into Aurora. Talk to us today and explore how this affordable reporting platform can help you and your customers reach your goals.