Speeding up information gathering and analysis

CornerStar Consulting offers this global customer the opportunity to manage their highly variable and dispersed demand. Integrated CornerStar Data Marts track and report on data at multiple levels and across multiple dimensions.

Problem: The client inherited a very complex chart of accounts from its partial owner. The business encompasses close to ten separate entities and the time to print financial reports was in excess of eight hours per printing. Running these reports during the day was impossible not only due to the length of processing time but also to how severely the operational systems were slowed.

Solution: The CornerStar Financial Mart consolidates information from the various entities and pre-calculates all the necessary financial measures. Users now have timely, efficient access to such measures as year to date, life to date balance, quarter to date, prior month, prior year, etc.

Outcome: The time to produce reports was substantially reduced and the drain on the operational system greatly lessened. This cost-effective solution also resulted in:

  • Improved financial reporting
  • Sharp improvement on speed of reporting delivery
  • Sharp increases in productivity
  • Freeing of analyst and programming manpower