Aurora - Frequently Asked Questions

CornerStar is a little of both. We provide a prepackaged, cure baseline Data Warehouse foundation that contains approximately 80% of the Business Intelligence requirements shared by most companies. Things like financial statements, look sales analysis, financial analysis, etc.

With this foundational product in place our consultants explore the unique characteristics and needs of your business, customizing the baseline foundation to achieve your objectives.

Additionally, we offer our own Aurora reporting solution. This allows programmers to deliver more modern-looking, highly flexible and dynamic reports to end users from QAD and other Progress OpenEdge applications.

We have two distinctly different offerings: CornerStar Data Marts and the Aurora reporting solutions.

Data marts and data warehousing

Our data marts, like CornerStar Sales Intelligencetm, provide a pivotal pieces in an overall reporting solution that sits between your on-line transaction processing (OLTP) systems and your reporting tools and allows you to see information quickly, easily and in a way that makes sense to your managers.

We do this by combining our expert consultancy with a series of highly flexible, foundational products called Data Marts. We provide the data model and transformation programs to extract all the data from your various source systems into a consistent, clean, reliable model. The result is a separate database designed specifically for Business Intelligence reporting.

CornerStar can work with any of your existing tools or we can offer a turnkey solution with the proper reporting tools already bundled.

Reporting platform

Our Aurora reporting platform is available for QAD and other Progress OpenEdge applications even if you don't have our data marts.

Aurora allows the database complexity to be hidden from users and unlocks many features that buseiness users expect from modern reporting tools.

CornerStar Customers Speak:

With CornerStar Data Marts, our decision makers have the details they need in easy-to-use, real-time reports they can access themselves. Within three clicks of a CornerStar report, I can find the information that was previously buried. You
don't have to be a techie to get at this business intelligence.

Marian DeVoe, Chief Operating Officer, Chardon Rubber

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